Because you want your celebration to be the best

Let me help you to organize it by contributing ideas, controlling issues, taking care of what you don’t have time for or getting heavier..

Your wedding must not only be perfect, but it must also have something original, something different, whatever marks its memory over the years to you and to all the guests. A surprise, a quality detail, let’s look for a great idea.

As a portfolio, and without serving as an agenda I mention what things we should do, and I group them into three blocks. Although everything has to be prepared before starting, it will happen BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the celebration.

My participation will be to add ideas and work. I don’t want to take you the fun out of organizing !

Preparation of dance courses and protocol previous
Original Bachelor Parties
Organization/control of wedding lists bank accounts for gifts
Design of souvenirs and invitations
Management of invitations and control of confirmations
Accompaniment to purchase bridal dresses

Find the ideal location, exclusive places,
also thinking about the guests and their movements
Organization and control of menus or catering service
Hire music and animation, photo and video
Flowers and decoration of spaces
Table organization
Transfers to church, town hall and celebration place
for the couple and guests
Original vehicles and other transport
Location of guests at each stage of the celebration

More music and surprises during the post-banquet party
And the possibility of staying to sleep in the area
Subsequent sending of acknowledgements
Search and management of travel, hotels, flights, etc.

I am Xavi Barba and I will give you a modern or classic vision, or a combination of both, to satisfy your tastes and needs.

All my life dedicated to the business world and with a direct relationship with restaurants and food business, in recent years through the services of Personal Assistant I have been drifting towards the organization of weddings, one of my passions, and until recently had involved an amateur dedication, helping friends.


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